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Create a data feed or widget.
Choose a data format.
    • Include iCal download link next to event title?
    • Show Details (summary plus description and categories) or Summary (title, time, location)?
Choose your event count - the number of event listings you want.
Select a time frame or date range for your event data.

  • Note: Event count takes precedence over date range! If you want a month of event data, be sure to increase the number of event listings from 10 to 200.
Widget Options
  • Limit the number of events listed?
    (default: false)
  • Show a title above event list?
    (default: true)
    (default: "Upcoming Events")
  • Highlight event dates or event titles?
    (default 'by title')
  • Show description in listing?
    (default: false)
  • Display end date in listing?
    (default: true)
  • Display time in listing?
    (default: true)
  • Display location in listing?
    (default: false)


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